A company is a legal person by law. We define it further as a female due to its characteristic to feed its workforce, expand its business portfolio into branch offices and ability to produce profit. A corporation is common culture formed over time by individuals who come together to achieve a common goal. We understand that there are many productivity tools available. However our approach is Talent as a driving force!! We believe people are more effective if deployed from a point of their talent and core drives other than their professional qualification. We have various corporate packages as outlined:

1. Talent pool

In every department in any organization, proper mapping of talents is critical. We delve into establishing the gaps that exist in each department.

2. Talent assessment

This measures your drives, talents, motivation and 53 competencies. Drives are the building block of your personality. They have a major influence of one’s behavior and development. Talents are the positively worded behaviors and explanations of high and low scores on the drives. Drives and talents resulting from them are important factors that may stimulate or restrain a person’s behavior. Behavior is not only determined by ability (competencies and cognitive capabilities) but also by desirability (drives and talents). All in a certain environment that stimulates or hinders. Tasks that suited to personal drives and talents are usually seen as motivational.

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