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She-Moves Wildfire Strategy

Have you heard of the saying by Dian Marichilld that; A woman is a full circle, in her there is power to create, nature and transform? well this is our greatest inspiration at she-moves. She-moves revolution is designed to have engagements with women aged 30-45 yrs, in different kinds of programs in a set up of four main categories. The programs are thrilling and well crafted to help women to clearly identify their persona vs their authentic self. The journey starts with piecemill snippets shared during shemoves round table breakfasts that are held monthly in different towns across the country. The breakfast gives a she a chance to taste possibility of realizing her self awareness. She-moves therefore give the she a chance to go the she-unveils program, a group therapy program that brings the uncelebrated queens to space of self identity and a flow in to imapctiful entrepreneurs without second guessing on who they are and what they were meant to be. By the end of the she-unveils and she-thrives programs, the she has fully turned around and has put a clear line between her persona, authentic self and her eunique flow (Entrepreneur). They say Iron sharpens iron. A community of women that are authentic, have a great persona and can fully flow in their ecosytem, eventually meet in a she-conference where indeed iron sharpens iron. Women authors, CEOs, Business leaders in coperate world and spiritual leaders are the greatest resavours in the she-conference that every she gets to tap some nuggets from during the 3-4days impactiful encounter with the shes. Well this is the cycle and the wildfire strategy of she-moves programs. All women of the mentioned age, globally fits very well in our programs and can greatly be impacted by this great programs.

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