“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

SHE-MOVES is a program that takes through this UNCELEBRATED CHAMPION on a journey of self-discovery.

The journey has personal therapies that aims to de-clutter the champion’s weights acquired over time and make her light enough to discover herself. Generally in life, individuals do a lot to support or become entrepreneurs out there but commonly they seem unable to crack the code. We are a revolution of Sisters, mothers, wives of entrepreneurs and big thinkers, who are on a mission to de-mystify and crack the code of business.

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Unveiling and manifesting individual and corporate potential.

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Unveiling and manifesting individual and corporate potential.
  • She- moves is a program that works inside out. It delt with lies that i had believed all my life, which had also modeled me to behave as the lies said. It is a program that unveils the real you and what a joy to be yourself. It helps a She reveal their true beauty, which is mostly hidden by the past painful experiences, people’s opinions and voices, and the She starts to glow. I enjoyed walking through the journey with wonderful She who sacrificially supported me and believed in me when I could not believe in myself. They supported me as I walked through the painful past and celebrated with my small wins. What a joy to be me! What every She should be!
    Winnie Ndung'u
  • She- moves is an eye opener! It is you talking to you. A soul finding process that helps you to listen to yourself She moves is an eye opener! It is you talking to you. A soul finding process that helps you to listen to yourself. Alone one cannot see their life as clear as when going through this program. I got to see my life in fullness from a different perspective, hence being able to define why I behave the way I do. Though moments of briefing are real and unpleasant, they leave you knowing your "why” It was great to go through it as a group and more so as age mates. That was the best way ever since it was easy to be venerable. Our mentor is knowledgeable, exposed, passionate and full of love. Having it planted on scriptures it's a big tick and makes one to understand spiritual life in a deeper way too. An amazing program that I would wish every she to attend to regardless of age, religion or profession.
    Grace Nyagah
  • She-moves is a guide towards discovering the authentic self. The program has guided me into identifying who I really am, why I behave the way I do, why I perceive situations the way I do and why I make the decisions I make. In addition, I have learnt how to listen from the inside and examine the outside voices as I make my decisions. These have caused me to identify my authentic self and encouraged me to live authentically.
    Alice Muindi
  • She-moves has helped me leave my old home and build a new one! My old home was full of disappointments, range, unforgiving, miserable feeling, undying tears,lack of self-worth and so many other negative vibes But self-realization, self-love and actualization of whom I really am has a journey I have walked with she moves
    Nancy Nyagah

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SHE-MOVES has a post venture creation program which forms a support community of SHE-MOVES entrepreneurs who in turn help other SHE’s crack the same code and become CHAMPIONS OF THE SOCIETY.

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